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International Conference
ODF'24, Tucson
14th International Conference on Optics-Photonics Design and Fabrication

【Date】July 10-12, 2024
【Venue】The University of Arizona, Tucson, U.S.A.

Preliminary Announcement
1st Call for Papers
Final Call for Papers
Advance Program

About ODG
The Optics Design Group (ODG) was founded as a study group of the Optical Society of Japan (OSJ) in July 1993. With its long history, the optics design technology constantly seeks ever-sophisticated optical equipment and elements, and is foreseen as the very core technology of the future optical industry.
However, Japan enjoys little intercommunication between researchers' communities to share their knowledge: a critical problem that can sharply hamper further technological development in the discipline. To overcome these drawbacks, ODG was founded for the purpose of increasing interfaces among researchers and contributing to the advancement of R&D in the field of optical science and technology.
ODG organizes workshops and international conferences; it also supports academic presentations, awards optics design prizes, and publishes bulletins.
ODG is concerned with a wide range of optical design techniques and optical elements such as lens design, optics design, optical product fabrication, measurement and evaluation, to include optical design software, etc.
Adaptive fields include all such as embrace diffractive optics, optical memory, optical communication, soft x-ray optics, optical computing, optical integrated circuit (OIC), adaptive optics, nonimaging optics, and optical thin films.

What's new
> 28, May 2024
We have posted ODF'24, Tucson's Advance Program
> 13, February 2024
The submission deadline has been extended again.
> 15, January 2024
The submission deadline has been extended to February 9th.
> 25, December 2023
We have posted ODF'24, Tucson's Final Call for Papers
> 28, July 2023
We have posted ODF'24, Tucson's 1st Call for Papers.
> 21, June 2023
> 3, April 2023
Information on ODF'24 has been released.
> 6, November 2019
> 8, April 2019
> 26, September 2018
> 7, November 2017
Now, ODF'18 Website is available.
> 10, Octorber 2017
We have posted ODF'18, Hiroshima's First Call for Papers.
> 14, June 2017
We have posted ODF'18, Hiroshima's Preliminary Announcement.
> 20, June 2007
New ODG's homepage is available now!
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